Welcome to Beauty Pacific Peru

The place where luxury and exclusivity merge to give you a unique experience in beauty care. Plato tried to convey this sentiment with this quote: “…for the object of education is to teach us to love beauty”. Thus, we also want to teach the love of learning self-beauty which comes as much form the inside as from the outside.
Let’s begin with the exquisite concept of Haute Parfumerie. Some call it artistic or artisanal perfurmery, confidential perfumery, independent perfumery, etc. What is the hidden meaning behind these names?

It started when artisans develop their own personal collection of fragrances which over time owning one of these perfumes meant one of a kind, class, and exclusivity. Thereafter, several pioneer brands have been bought over the years by conglomerates, making a place in the cosmetic world in boutique shops known as “Belle Parfumerie”. As a result, niche parfumerie, has witnessed the birth, growth, and mass proliferation of several “artisan’s perfumes”, with words like rare, exclusive, and independent as their core traits.

Even the perfume houses despite having their classic collections, have developed, and created a “haute-parfumerie” collection, from high-end perfumes. The difference lies on their selective distribution, its value, presentation, and high quality of the raw materials, the formula, and inspiration that often pays homage to the perfume house or the artisan.

Consequently, Beauty Pacific is the pioneer in Peru to bring the artisan experience of niche beauty closer to you through luxury boutiques and multi-brand boutiques where it is our privilege to present you a high-quality customized service.