About us

In 2020, Beauty Pacific Peru was created driven by the purpose to become the vessel where women and men can experience a unique concept that brings together luxury brands, allowing you to embrace all the sensations and emotions each brand brings to your journey.

Our dream was born from our passion to bring the coveted concept of a luxurious lifestyle, the essence of exclusivity, the majestic trendsetting fashion, and a one-of-a-kind experience to Peru through Haute Parfumerie.

As Beauty Pacific Peru identified and unattended opportunity in Latin America, our team of skillful professionals with their vast and ample experience in the Luxury, Cosmetics and Beauty industries has been able to provide through this carefully catered portfolio of fragrances, the women, and men of today a lavish and personalized experience.

It is our promise to bring the luxurious lifestyle Beauty Pacific Peru has to offer to all who desire to establish, flourish, and show their personal brand to the world.

Dante Aligheri said: “Beauty awakens the soul”, therefore, we invite you to discover our captivating world through a multisensory experience that only our portfolio of mesmerizing products can bring to you, to awaken your beauty within.